Alchemist - DH Boards
Alchemist - DH Boards
Alchemist - DH Boards
DH Boards

Alchemist - DH Boards

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This product is created by our skateboarding company, DH Boards.

The Alchemist is our do it all longboard, created for fast downhill skating or fun freeride cruising. This board is constructed of 8 plies of Canadian maple and one layer of Formica (supportive top ply). The graphic features esoteric symbolism and Sacred geometric Archetypes along with hand-drawn art. 

"The Alchemist is the first board of our downhill lineup. This is ours do it all downhill skateboard, designed for riders of all skill levels. We created this board to be able to handle the steepest and fastest hills you can find, while also being a fun functional board for cruising around town." - DH Boards

40″ overall length
9.5″ width (maximum)
26″ – 26.75″ wheel base
1/2″ radial concave
1/4″ microdrops
1/8″ rocker
6.5″ tail
3″ nose


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