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We've put together a collection of cool products featuring Sacred Geometric Designs.

On our site you can find stickers, shirts, longsleevers, sweaters, hoodies, longboards, hats, bags, jewlery and more.

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Our Mission and Purpose

We created Geometry Apparel as a tool to spread awareness of the following; Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Metaphysics, Astronomy & Astrology, Vortex Math, Lucid Dreaming, Spirituality, Metaphysics Sovereignty, Natural Law, Freedom, and more...

Our mission is to help fuel humanity and shift our focus to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness to develop more wisdom and understanding about the cosmos and ourselves. We made our products with the intention of subconsciously promoting mindfulness throughout the day. Sacred Geometry is an excellent tool for using the left and right brain hemispheres at the same time. There is both a logic and an intuitive flow to these patterns, a Yin and a Yang that generates and births more complex forms that permeate through all scales of the universe.