Geometry In Nature - Frequencies and Cymatics.

Geometry is the visual expression of numbers. Numbers are Frequencies and are fundamental to the construction of all we see. Vibrations of Frequency create cymatic patterns. Cymatics are geometric images that are created from sounds, they warp in design as the frequency moves higher or lower in vibration. Cymatics are most frequently demonstrated scientifically using sand on a metal plate strung by a violin bow, or a bowl of water and a speaker playing different tone vibrations.

Everything in this reality we perceive is vibrating, everything moves as time is experienced. Even the atoms that construct our physical vessels and reality are at a constant state of motion. Energy its self is a collection of vibration and follows the laws of number and frequencies. The Geometry that is created from number displays the connection our reality has to number frequencies. 

Ancient beings used geometry to construct metal realities. Archetypes such as the seed of life, flower of life, the fruit of life and metatrons cube, with the platonic solids, contain information of how the universe creates realities and the animated self-similar forms we see in our world. 

When studied in-depth Sacred Geometry and the study of natural patterns can give us an insight into our true being and connection to nature. We are creators, Frequency beings that create our existances, and are a part of a universal creation generated by the great self and microcosmic versions of self. 

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