The Phi Based Body - How the Human Body is Geometrically Based on Phi

The Human body is an incredible machine and vehicle that allows us to harness so much creative potential. Many of the Geometric archetypes in nature can be seen in the human form. We are walking 5 pointed Stars. This Pentagonal geometry is one of the symbols generated by the Phi Ration. A pentagram is a collection of five 72 degree angles that equal 360 degrees when added together. the Pentagram is contained within it several phi ratio proportions and angles. This being our main geometric shape as humans indicate we are phi based, and as we look closer we see phi everywhere on the body. 

Phi Based numbers and proportions can also be found in the face, arms, hands, legs, feet, organs, and even DNA structures.

The number Phi is an infinite number start out with 1.618.... 

We can know what whole numbers are phi based using the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence was discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci when he was observing the geometry found in the natural world. The sequence he discovered is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89, 144... and so on.

To understand these Sequence lets use some algebraic terms: A + B = C

then B + C = D and C + D = E., In other words, the sum plus the previous number leads to the next number in the sequence and repeaters indefinably. This sequence is growing exponentially and continues to get close to the phi ratio.

To see this visually we can use numerical fractions
1/0 = 0 

1/1 = 1 

2/1 = 2

3/2 = 1.5 

5/3 = 1.6666666...

8/5 = 1.6..

13/8 = 1.625..

21/13 = 1.615..

34/21 = 1.6190..

55/34 = 1.617.. 

Each of the Fibonacci fractons alternates from being larger and smaller than 1.618.. and continues to get closer and closer to phi as the sequence increases. When placed on a line and graphed as a wave, the waves begin much smaller and larger than phi and then gets closer and more in line with the frequency of phi. 

Looking at our bodies we can find many of these phi based numbers and ratios in our structure. First, there are many obvious singular components to the body along with a dualistic theme of 2, an expression of yin and yang. Each of our set of two arms and two legs is also composed of 3 main segments - the hands - lower and upper arm, and thighs, shins, and feet, of the legs. Each containing the number 5 for the fingers and toes. The ratios of the fingers display a perfect ratio of phi, with a value of 2, 3, 5, and 8 in the hand from the fingertips, 2 knuckles segments and part of the hand. This same a, b, and c, the ratio can be seen in the arms, legs, and segments of the body, including from the feet to the belly button and the upper body form them. hundreds of measurements can be shown to contain this ratio proves our bodies are phi based inside and outside. 

Much more detail is out there to study about the body's connection to Phi, including the patterns our DNA's archetype follows. And we are not the only animal to have these characteristic nearly all life, plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, protozoa have phi based connections. Even inorganic substances such as. minerals and the frozen structures of water are phi based. This list continues as we scale up to the microcosmic or down to the macroscopic. 

Knowing this information can give us a deeper understanding of our true origin and connection to the universe. We are creators and these bodies are vessels that allow us to bring our frequency into density and experience the world of light and geometry. 







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